What is covered in the practical endorsement course?

Each candidate is emailed a ‘pre-study’ pack a couple of weeks before attending the practical endorsements workshop. This is so candidates can familiarise themselves with the 12 practicals. The practical endorsement workshop assumes that candidates have little or no knowledge of science experiments or lab protocols so everything is taught with this in mind. The focus of the practical endorsements is on lab confidence and competency rather than having to attain correct results and data.

Do I have to bring anything to the practical endorsements?

A lab book will be provided which outlines each of the practicals. This will be used to record notes and other information. The lab book will be used for revision for the third paper which draws heavily upon the practical endorsements. Lab coats and safety goggles will are also provided.

We would suggest you bring along a packed lunch and snacks but there are food outlets near by. Candidates must not take drinks or food into the lab.

What happens if I fail the practical endorsements?

In the unlikely event of failing the practical endorsements, out tutor will explain the options available to you.

Who will arrange my written examination papers and find the alternative examination centre?

It is the responsibility of the candidate to find an examination centre at which to take the written examination papers. Candidates are advised to find an examination centre prior to booking the practical endorsements.

How will you notify the other examination centre that I have successfully completed the practical endorsements?

Once you have successfully completed the practical endorsements we will issue you with a letter confirming you have completed the practicals endorsements. The letter should be given to the other exam centre for them to claim the practical endorsement from the exam board.