Functional Skills Exam - At Home - English

We are pleased to introduce a new way candidates can take their Edexcel Functional Skills Exam at Home. Using a computer – along with a smart phone – English and Maths Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 examinations can be booked for any day and at virtually any time.

These examinations rely on the candidate having a good internet connection and the special app which can be downloaded onto the candidate’s own smart phone. The examinations are invigilated through both the computer’s camera and the camera facility on the smart phone.

Once booked, the candidate is given comprehensive instructions of how to download the app and set up both their smart phone and computer camera ready for the exam.

The candidate must take the exam in a quiet room with no other person present. The immediate surroundings will be ‘swept’ with candidate’s smart phone to show the remote invigilator that no unauthorised material is present in the room.

The smart phone is then placed in the prescribed position and the exam accessed via the computer.

The Functional Skills examinations are identical to those taken in the centre. The exams will be processed and marked in the same way.

Please note: Candidate’s who wish to book Functional Skills at Home for English exams must give 9 days notice to book an exam.