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Exam Centre Birmingham

English Functional Skills Onscreen Exam - At Our Centre.

English Functional Skills Onscreen Exam - At Our Centre.

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Exam Information

Onscreen Functional Skills exams can be booked at any time throughout the year.

Results are emailed to candidates 10-14 working days after the test but can take up to 28 days.

Functional Skills certificates are posted up to two weeks after the results have been issued.

GCSE Equivalent Qualification accepted by colleges, universities and training providers.

    One reading exam – 75 minutes.
    (Require 23 from 35 marks for a Pass)

    One writing exam – 60 minutes.
    (Require 23 from 36 marks for a Pass)

    One speaking test – 60 up to minutes.
    (Result: Pass or Fail)

    Speaking tests are conducted online via  Zoom.
    The date of the speaking test will be confirmed when you attend for the reading and writing test.

    The aims of Functional Skills English Level 1 and Functional Skills English Level 2  qualifications are to develop learner understanding and skills in:

    Functional Skills English Level 1
    Functional Skills Speaking, Listening and Communication – take full part in formal and informal discussions and exchanges that include unfamiliar subjects.
    Functional Skills Reading – read and understand a range of straightforward texts.
    Functional Skills Writing – write a range of texts to communicate information, ideas and opinions using formats and styles suitable for their purpose and audience.

    Functional Skills English Level 2

    Speaking, Listening and Communication – make a range of contributions to discussions in a range of contexts, including those that are unfamiliar, and make effective presentations.
    Functional Skills Reading – select, read, understand and compare texts and use them to gather information, ideas, arguments and opinions.
    Functional Skills Writing – write a range of texts, including extended written documents communication information, ideas and opinions, effectively and persuasively.

    Functional Skills English Level 1 and Functional Skills English Level 2  qualifications are designed to give learners the skills to operate confidently, effectively and independently in education, work and everyday life. Functional Skills English Level 2 have been created in response to employers’ perceptions that many learners are not achieving a sufficiently firm grounding in the basics.

    Tutor Information

    Our Functional Skills English Course is for those who require coaching to prepare for the Level 2 Functional Skills English Exam.

    4 x 1 hours lessons.
    You will receive four online lessons each session is one hour long and is conducted on a 1-2-1 basis ensuring that you receive personal and intensive tuition.

    Your qualified teacher will guide you through the requirements of both the reading and writing components of the examination and give valuable and practical advice about the speaking test

    Sessions can be arranged at a day and time to suit you best and as they are conducted over Zoom there’s no need to worry about travelling to sessions.

    Practice Functional Skills


    Links below are for candidates to practice before sitting the test which replicates the look and feel of the functional skills English onscreen testing program.

    The Sample Test Player software must be installed on a Window 10 computer or laptop for the links to work.

    The practise tests can only be used on laptop or computer and cannot be used on mobile phone or tablet. 

    Sample Test Player Download

    English Specification
    Edexcel English Direct Page Content Covered Level 2

    Sample English Reading Test
    Level 1 Reading Sample Level 2 Reading Sample

    Sample English Writing Test
    Level 1 Writing Sample
    Level 2 Writing Sample

    Functional Skills Videos


    Q. Which examination board do you use for Functional Skills tests?
    A. The Functional Skills tests are administered by Pearson / Edexcel.

    Q. What do I need to pass the Functional Skills English Test?
    A. Candidate must complete and pass all three components of the English exam. The Functional Skills English Test comprises of: Writing Test, Reading Test and a Speaking Test. The writing and reading tests can be taken on the same day. The Speaking Test is conducted a few days after online via Zoom.

    Q. Which Functional Skills level is equivalent to GCSE?
    A. Level 2 is generally accepted as equivalent to GCSE.

    Q. Are there pass grades in Functional Skills?
    A. Functional Skills Tests are either Pass or Fail. There are no grades awarded.

    Q. How long does it take for results to be issued? 
    A. Results are usually available and emailed to candidates 10-14 days after the tests but in exceptional cases this could take up to 28 days.

    Q. Where are the functional skills tests held?
    A. The Functional Skills tests are held at our centre in Birmingham.

    Q. How long are functional skills test
    Functional Skills English - The writing test lasts 60 minutes and
    The reading test lasts 75 minutes. We would advise candidates to allow 60-90 minutes for the speaking test which are conducted via Zoom.

    Q. What happens if I fail my Functional Skills Exam
    A. Once you have received your results you can book another test. Instructions concerning re-takes will be emailed with the results.

    Q. Are the Functional Skills tests paper based?
    A. The Functional Skills tests are taken on a computer. There are practise tests available on our website so candidates can familiarise themselves with how the tests work.

    Q. What is the Functional Skills English Speaking Test?
    A. The Functional Skills English Speaking Test is an important part of the Functional Skills English assessments. This is taken over Zoom along with other candidates who each prepare a short presentation of between 7-9 minutes in length. Candidates prepare a talk on any topic of their own choice and can use brief notes or bullet points. Following the presentation, questions will be posed by the other candidates. Although the Speaking Test does not contribute to a candidate’s overall mark, the candidate must achieve the minimum standard in order to complete the requirements for the award. The Functional Skills English Speaking Tests are generally available once a month on Sunday.

    Q. Can I request a re-mark?
    A. Remark is available for Onscreen Functional skills exams. The fee is £50 and must be requested within 28 days after receiving your results.

    Q. How can I book a Functional Skills test?
    Book your Functional Skills test by completing the Book Functional Skills section below.
    A confirmation of your booking will be emailed to you.

    Q. Do I receive a hard copy certificate?
    Yes, these are usually sent out 10-14 days after you received your results. These are posted by recorded delivery. Please keep your certificate safe as there is a charge for replacements.
    All three components of the English Functional skills must have a PASS to receive a Certificate.

    Q. I have learning difficulties.
    Candidates with learning difficulties can apply for 25% extra time.  Candidates must supply either a recent psychologist report, an Education Health and Care plan (EHC Plan) or a report from your Doctor listing your learning difficulties and must mention that extra time is required during educational examinations before booking the exam. Please note this arrangement does not apply for GCSE and A Level.

    Q. Is there any age limits taking the functional skills tests?
    A There is no set age limit for taking Functional Skills tests.

    Q. How many times can resit on-screen Functional skills test?
    A. Learners can resit the tests as many times as required. Resits can be booked after the results have been released.

    Q. What is the cancellation policy?
    To cancel a functional skills test and to receive a full refund we must be informed by email five days prior to the test.  No refunds will be issued after the five day cancellation period.

    email to cancel:

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